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Susan’s delivery of her inspirational story authentically exemplifies the power of gentle-strength. Uniquely crafted for each audience, Susan’s talks are designed to accentuate the possibility that resides in all individuals.


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Business/Corporate – Motivating

As a motivational keynote speaker, Susan Wheeler encourages attendees to embrace challenge in its many different forms. “Challenge and despair knows no boundaries, personal, professional and everything in between. It is something we can count on encountering in our experience as human beings.”

In the spirit of overcoming what might seem insurmountable, Susan shares her Five-Step Formula for success. A simple yet profound method that helps to motivate employees to reach for their personal best, both in their business aspirations and personal relationships.

Churches – Generous in Spirit

When we live with spirit we have the ability to hold on to the faintest of light in times of darkness. If we instead close our hearts and hide in our experiences of despair then our inner light becomes blurred and filled with confusion. Pain and suffering like joy and bliss are enriching states of grace.

“There but for the grace of God, go I”

Susan reminds congregations of the richness that is availed to all walks of life. In her talk entitled, Why Me? Susan un-mystifies one of God’s greatest gifts: the power of free will.

Women’s Groups – Empowering

Being a woman with a disability is an enriching life experience but being a business woman with a disability is no picnic. Breaking through the glass ceiling is one thing but doing so on top of a glass floor is a whole other ballgame. Believing in possibilities, Susan shares with women what it takes to be a woman of substance.

Through her inspirational story of overcoming abuse and professional discrimination, Susan reminds woman to stand in their own power and embrace the worth they bring to the world around them, both at home and in the workplace. The survival of the fittest, according to Susan, is no longer a reflection of physical strength but rather is a reflection of personal adaptability.

Signature talks:
Forget perfect
Self Re-invention

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