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Through her writing Susan brings an honest and clear voice to difficult topics. Knowing first hand how to turn obstacles into opportunities Susan’s writing is sensitively seasoned by her undeniably positive perspective.

Below are just a few examples of Susan’s books.
Please contact Susan directly to learn where to access these publications


Aunt Scarlett’s Farm

Aunt Scarlett’s Farm

A children’s novel for 8-12 year olds.

Orphaned at the age of four, Peggy was adopted by her widowed Great Aunt. A no-nonsense, non-coddling parent, Aunt Scarlett models for Peggy the virtues of gentle strength. Surrounded by a menagerie of animals, Peggy pulls her own weight and follows the important farm rules. Faced with daunting schoolyard ridicule by three notorious bullyboys, Peggy learns to conquer obstacles that come her way. Together, readers walk with Peggy step by step and experience the physical and emotional challenges and triumphs of life with a progressive neuromuscular disease.


Shadows on the Ceiling

Shadows on the Ceiling

A memoir of disability & abuse.

Susan Wheeler brings a voice to the unspoken words shared by many abuse survivors who experience their life with physical disabilities. Her portrayal of resilience redefines the term survival of the fittest.

An inspiring story that serves as a groundbreaking resource for educators, parents and professionals working in abuse related support services.

This book is used within therapeutic writing workshops that Susan hosts from time to time.



Personal Health Profile

Personal Health Profile

A simple yet possibly life-saving tool.

Learn how answering a few easy to follow questions could literally save your life. The Personal Health Profile is a must for seniors, people with disabilities and other at risk individuals.

An easy to use format makes this a must for all family members. Ideal for seniors who live independently. A practical resource for every family, especially for those who reside in different cities, provinces or states.



Living Well When Unwell

Living Well When Unwell

Living Well When Unwell

A self-health Living-Well When Unwell web resource.

Susan launched this informative and helpful, online course April 2016.

This course is meant to assist those who are newly diagnosed, or, currently living with longstanding chronic health conditions.

Please go HERE to sign up and keep informed of the facilitated course dates.



VisitSusanBLOG165x250Susan’s Blog

A glimpse of living well when unwell – in action.

To follow along Susan’s real life writing visit her blog at Susan Wheeler-Hall HERE

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