Since 1987 Susan has been writing and publishing resources on disability issues, health care, psychology, education and travel. In recognition of her work she is the recipient of several awards. Including a Women of Distinction Award in 2001, and Toronto’s  Women-on-the-Move Award, in 1995.

Experiencing her life with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) a progressive neuromuscular disorder, has not deterred Susan from seizing life’s opportunities in order to realize her ambitions and dreams.

With an honours degree in social work (BSW) Susan initially worked within community agencies and later branched out to work independently, specializing in disability adjustment and accommodation practices. Susan is an International speaker and has presented numerous talks and workshops on topics related to better understanding and serving those with various disabilities.

In 1998 she founded a registered charity, the Canadian Disability Resource Council and manages projects under this umbrella to produce community programs geared to enhance awareness of the importance of inclusion. The CDRC’s most recent project is a community radio program broadcast in Guelph, ON, entitled, Accessibility Matters.
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